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BBC News

'Nigeria's Netflix' takes Nollywood to a global audience
BBC News
Born and brought up in London, Mr Njoku is now Lagos-based and building what is proving to be a revolutionary tool, as Nollywood - Nigeria's Hollywood - moves on from DVD to digital platforms. Since 2011, iRokoTV has racked up millions of views, its ...
'Nigeria's Netflix' Takes Nollywood GlobalAtlanta Black Star

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The Economist (blog)

Nollywood's new scoreboard
The Economist (blog)
Ever since Nollywood's 1992 emergence, when a local importer reputedly acquired some outdated videocassette tapes and shot a cheap movie to make a quick buck, the industry has focused on scale. By the late 2000s, Nollywood produced up to 50 movies ...
Who is To Blame for the Piracy of 'Half of a Yellow Sun' in Nigeria?Indie Wire (blog)

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Please Help' ? Dying: For some time now, popular Yorub
Codewit World News
As a crossover actress and one who is popular in both the Yoruba and English sectors of Nollywood, one would expect that you would have a lot of people coming around you. As I said, the news just got online some days ago and I have been receiving calls ...

Bella Naija

Richard Mofe-Damijo to be Honoured with ?Dike Oha na Nollywood? Chieftaincy ...
Bella Naija
The veteran Nollywood actor and Delta State Commissioner for Arts and Culture will be given the title of ?Dike Oha na Nollywood? during the three-day Nollywood Igbo Film Festival. The 4th edition of the film festival will take place in Asaba, Delta ...
Nollywood to honour Richard Mofe-Damijo with chieftancy titleDailyPost Nigeria

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Shove Off Nollywood! Kenyan Films Headed for the Stars
Despite Kenya having over 16m active media consumers, film makers are struggling to make inroads into the local market, trailing rivals telanovelas, Nollywood and Hollywood, in what industry players blame on lack of specialization of roles, and an ...

An Insider's Grouse With Project Act-Nollywood Grant
The Guardian
IT is no longer news that the creative industry championed by Nollywood is a significant creator of employment and has contributed considerably to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Nigeria, which according to recent reports, has been contributing in ...

Why I Celebrate Legends of Nollywood - Obazele
Paul Obazele is the immediate past president of Association of Movie Producers (AMP) and one of the consistent faces in Nollywood. Obazele who has featured in over 100 films is also the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Picture. This Business ...

Nollywood VoD with iROKOtv & MTNDobox
During my vacation in the little country of Austria, my cousin kept on stressing the fact that he wanted to watch ?Phone Swap? and ?Ije.? After much search on Google and YouTube, I decided to do the one thing that came naturally, sign up for MTNDobox ...

Nollywood Stars support OMO at their Fast Action Detergent Unveil in Lagos
Bella Naija
On Thursday 17th July 2014, Lagos market places were stormed by Nollywood stars for their endorsement of the new OMO Fast Action Detergent. Dressed in the traditional colours of the brand ? red, blue and white; the stars attended the event where the ...

A Slice of Nollywood Production Grant On Their Laps
The FPF is one of the three components of the N3 billion Presidential Intervention Fund for the Nigerian movie industry - Project ACT Nollywood approved by President Goodluck Jonathan in 2013. The other two components are the Capacity Building Fund ...